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Hobbies & Sports

HOUSE SYSTEM The School has a House system to foster esprit de corps and to ensure healthy competition. The maintenance of discipline and cleanliness of the school is the responsibility of the House on Duty.
  • Emerald: Aiming high, always giving it a try!
  • Ruby: Daring to win, daring to dream!
  • Sapphire: Ambition, the goal, perseverance, the key!
  • Topaz: With confidence we advance, with gratitude we wait!


  • Karate
  • Skating
  • Carroms
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Science Club
  • Theatre
  • Clay Modelling


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Throwball
  • Athletics

Note: Students are advised to take up a particular hobby and pursue it for at least three years. Children are supposed to bring in the necessary accessories required for the hobby class. Non compliance to the above rule will result in the hobby being cancelled. The child will then be compelled to take up the hobby prescribed by the school.